Oliver Blank and Natasha Jimenez


Outside is a new kind of design agency that uses human-centered design practices to reduce suffering and increase peace, health, and well-being.

The agency was founded by Oliver Blank and Asha Jimenez who have previously designed useful things with UNICEF, UNHCR, ThoughtWorks, Google, and Lego amongst others.

Outside does three things: consult, design, and empower. From the small details to the big picture, Outside provides expert advice and actionable feedback. Having worked with some of the most impactful organisations in the world on end-to-end design, Outside can build anything. Through workshops and mentoring, Outside builds capacity in your organisation for design thinking, processes, and strategy.

More about Oliver:

Oliver Blank is an artist and designer. His artwork is about intimacy and affection in public, and his design projects focus on the prevention of suffering.

Oliver’s artwork induces unforgettable experiences that instil a shared romance. Past projects include composing music for forgotten buildings and hosting a phone-line that collects messages for lost loves and missed connections. His artwork has been exhibited in countries including Japan, Mexico, and Spain, and venues such as Tate Modern and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Oliver is the co-founder of Outside, a humanitarian design agency. Focused on humanitarian design, Oliver’s work includes an award-winning communication tool for refugee field workers and a platform that provides critical information to people in natural disasters. He has launched projects for Google, Lego, and Nokia, and collaborated with various NGOs including IRC, UNICEF, and War Child.

More about Natasha:

Natasha Jimenez is an artist, engineer, and designer. 

Her art focuses on people’s connection to the natural world and each other. In her latest piece, The Last Conservatory, she creates a multi-sensory installation constructed out of foraged wood, moss, and fragrant herbs. Music and poetry emanate from inside the trunk of a tree, coercing the audience to physically connect to the soothing properties of nature.

Natasha is also the co-founder of humanitarian design agency Outside, where she designs things that promote peace, health, and wellbeing. She has developed projects with various NGOs including IRC, UNHCR, and MercyCorps. Natasha is the lead developer for Translation Cards, an award-winning app that enables field workers to communicate with refugees effectively.